Experience in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vestibular Disorders at BalanceMD

What is the Experience of Physician and Staff?

Experience of Physician

In addition to fellowship training in neuro-ophthalmology, Dr. Sanders has traveled around the United States learning from the experts in vestibular medicine since 2003.  He has attended multi-day seminars at Cleveland Clinic on several occasions.  He has attended a multi-day course at Emory University in Atlanta and other seminars, including the 2011 otolaryngology (ENT) physician conference in San Francisco.  Dr. Sanders' medical practice became more focused in the evaluation and treatment of those suffering from 'dizziness' in 2007 and currently 75% of what he does on a daily basis is related to the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from 'dizziness'.  

Dr. Sanders currently evaluates approximately 900 “dizzy” patients per year and in a recent follow-up study of 6 months of consecutive patients, 91% reported either significant improvement, or they were cured of their dizzy symptoms or imbalance.

Experience of Staff

Michelle Koley, the audiologist at our Indianapolis office, has been performing vestibular function testing since 1999.  After practicing at Indiana University Medical Center, where she began to focus her audiology practice on vestibular diagnostic testing, she then focused exclusively on vestibular diagnostic testing at Balance Point for six years before joining the BalanceMD team in 2011.

Sandy Bratton, the audiologist at our Lafayette office, has been performing vestibular function testing since 1993.  She formerly served as the Greater Lafayette Health System Director of Speech and Audiology and the Clarian-Arnett Department Manager of Audiology before joining Balance MD in 2008, where she has been able to focus on vestibular diagnostic testing.

Stephanie Ford, the physical therapist/vestibular rehabilitation specialist at BalanceMD, has been practicing physical therapy since 1992 and has focused on vestibular rehabilitation since 2008.

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