Cost-effective Evaluation and Treatment

In today’s medical environment, the cost of medical tests and treatment is a primary concern, particularly for patients with a high-deductible health insurance plan.  Dr. Sanders understands this, and one of his primary goals is to provide the most cost-effective evaluation and treatment which will significantly improve or cure your ‘dizzy’ symptoms.


For example, we now know that in the setting of a normal neurologic examination, normal vestibular system evaluation and normal audiogram it is very uncommon for an MRI scan to reveal a cause for dizziness or vertigo.  Click here to view a link from Henry Ford Hospital studying the cost-effectiveness of obtaining brain CT scans in patients presenting with dizziness to the emergency department.  Likewise, carotid artery ultrasound (carotid doppler) and laboratory (blood) testing are rarely useful.  Vestibular function testing is indeed the best method by which to evaluate an underlying source of dizziness or vertigo.  Dr. Sanders also takes into consideration not just the effectiveness, but also the cost of any medications which might be prescribed.

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