Community Service

Hospice Hearing Aid Loaner Program

The purpose of this program is to improve communication for hospice patients with family members, friends, and healthcare professionals providing hospice and/or medical services.  Often a hearing loss prevents the enjoyment of conversations, listening to music, or being able to hear important medical information from physicians during this phase of life.  

The BalanceMD Hospice Hearing Aid Loaner Program will allow patients in hospice care to receive professional hearing assessment and loaner hearing aid fittings to assist in the communication with loved ones and medical professionals.

The BalanceMD Hospice Hearing Aid Loaner program is seeking donations of hearing devices for the program.  If you would like to donate your or your family member's used hearing devices to help someone else in need, please mail or drop off your used hearing aids at our office.

Starkey "Hear Now" Program

This program has helped many people in the world obtain hearing aids who lack the resources to purchase a pair of hearing aids on their own.

How the program works:  Those who have a pair of hearing aids in their possession no longer being used or who are looking to obtain a new pair of hearing aids may donate their hearing aids to this program.  We will send the donation to Starkey for use in their "Hear Now" program and Starkey will send the donor a letter  to use for tax purposes (consultation with accountant regarding specifics is suggested).  The donor also becomes eligible for $100 off the purchase of a new pair of hearing aids from BalanceMD.

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