Ability to Teach

What is the desire and ability of the physician and staff to teach other health professionals about ‘dizziness’?

Those who teach others must know the subject matter extremely well.  It is important to determine whether your specialist has taught others in the healthcare field.

Dr. Sanders has spoken to other healthcare professionals on the subject of dizziness and vertigo 29 times since 2004.  Click here for a list of these seminars.

Michelle Koley, the audiologist at our Indianapolis office, serves as an adjunct assistant professor for Purdue University's Doctoral of Audiology program.  She teaches the vestibular function testing course “Vestibular evaluation and treatment” to Purdue University audiology students, and has been doing so since 2005.  These students travel from West Lafayette, IN to our clinic (BalanceMD) in Indianapolis to obtain their education in vestibular diagnostic testing.  Prior to this, from 2003-2005, she taught the vestibular course for the Indiana University graduate school.  She has focused on vestibular testing since 2003 and has been performing vestibular function testing full-time since 2005.  Michelle has also lectured locally and nationally on balance disorder assessment.  Click here for a list of these lectures.

Sandy Bratton, the audiologist at our Lafayette office, has been involved in vestibular diagnostic testing since 1993.  She is the Extern Supervisor for Purdue University Doctor of Audiology program.  She is the Purdue University Audiology student instructor for "The Audiologist's Role in Vestibular Evaluations" and has lectured locally on vestibular function testing and audiology.  Click here for a list of these lectures.

Stephanie Ford, the physical therapist/vestibular rehabilitation specialist at BalanceMD, has spoken at seminars on the subject of dizziness and imbalance, the audience including physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists.  Click here for a list of these seminars.

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