Welcome to BalanceMD

If you:
  • Feel lightheaded
  • Feel off balance
  • Awaken with the room spinning
  • Feel dizzy looking up or down
  • Have hearing loss or noise in your ears
  • Feel like your head and eyes don't move together
  • Feel overwhelmed at the grocery store
  • Have a history of headaches
  • Have difficulty walking in the dark
We can help.

Welcome to BalanceMD.  Dr. Scott K Sanders is a neuro-ophthalmologist who has dedicated his medical practice to the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from dizziness, vertigo and imbalance.  A recent study of patient outcomes reveals that 91% of all patients treated by Dr. Sanders experienced either a cure or significant improvement in their symptoms.

Dizziness is our Business!


   Indianapolis Office Lafayette Office
   9106 N Meridian Street, Suite 200 3721 Rome Drive, Suite A
   Indianapolis, IN  46260                                   Lafayette, IN  47905

Call toll-free 888-888-DIZZY (3499)
Significant advancements have occurred in the field of vestibular medicine (specialty dealing with the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo) over the past 15 years.  BalanceMD, led by Dr. Scott K Sanders, has the most up-to-date diagnostic technology and knowledge to help you with your symptoms.

Our Mission is to cure or significantly improve dizziness, imbalance and hearing loss in the most patient-friendly and cost-effective manner possible.  We offer a single facility where all "dizzy" patient needs can be met, utilizing only the most highly trained and knowledgeable healthcare providers working together, including physician, audiologist and physical therapist

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